• Financial Management Made Easy


SUMMA is a state-of-the-art tool for your financial management. It helps you to manage cash, liquidity, treasury, and financial risks.

Developed on 20 years of experience from software implementations for multinational corporations, central and commercial banks, and ministries of finance, SUMMA brings you the best technological solutions in treasury, cash & liquidity and risk management.

SUMMA offers tailor-made solutions for both corporate and financial worlds. It can be customized and perfected for your needs.


Tailor-Made For Your Financial Needs

SUMMA is highly customizable and scalable. It evolves with your needs and allows you to work quickly and precisely.
It is a modern tool with up-to-date technology, security, and regulatory updates. SUMMA means instant, easy-to-read information necessary for your decision-making.

Helps You to Make Right Decisions & Save Money

Accurate & Easy-to-read Reporting

SUMMA offers a wide range of standardized reports to support CFO decision-making processes such as Forecasts, Liquidity, Spending, VAT, Payments, Risks, Etc.

Overview of Corporate Finances

Automatic bank statement processing provides the convenience of account balancing in the SUMMA. Results are automatically transferred and updated in financial planning reports.

Streamline Future Financial Flows

Evaluation of the projected shortage or surplus of the cash in the future. Ability to secure financing in advance at a lower cost or invest funds to efficiently capitalize on the company’s assets.

Modeling of Financial Flows

Model your financial flows and changes in the company’s situation in various scenarios. Simulate expected invoice maturity, customer payment discipline, financing, and VAT refunds.

Short, Medium & Long-term Planning

Budgeting of an organization’s income and expenditures. This may or may not include realized cash and accounting transactions. All plans are made and managed directly within the system.

Pro-active Risk Management

SUMMA gives you a competitive edge for financing and hedging, reducing your risk and potential future losses. It can also reduce the risk and amount of operating and credit losses.

Solutions for Corporates and Financial Institutions

SUMMA offers customized solutions for corporates and financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, ministries of finance and debt agencies.

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